Welcome to my site, drdanielheller.com. I am a naturopathic doctor practicing in San Rafael, California, in Marin County. I have 18+ years of experience helping men, women, and children recover their health using natural, holistic methods. I believe the most important thing I can do for you as a naturopathic doctor is to make a correct assessment (diagnosis) of the cause and source of your health challenges, help you address that root cause, and support your bodymind’s natural self-healing capacity.

Many of the people I meet who are considering seeing a naturopathic doctor, or who are perhaps trying an alternative medical approach for the first time, find it difficult, confusing, and even overwhelming to sort through the huge amount of health information and opinions available to you on the internet, in the popular media, not to mention from well-meaning family, friends, and medical professionals.

It can be just about impossible to distinguish between legitimate information, opinion, scientific fact, and marketing. This can be true whether you are trying to decide what is the healthiest diet (raw vegan or low carbohydrate?); whether you’ve been told you have no choice but to take prescription medication; or if you are trying to verify your neighbor or cousin’s or holistic practitioner’s advice to purchase and swallow hundreds of dollars worth of supplements; or if you are just trying to figure out what to do to feel better, when nothing you’ve tried so far has worked.

Naturopathic Doctor Holistic Medicine Dr. Daniel Heller

In practice, I don’t usually wear a white coat or a tie

I have helped thousands of people navigate this often confusing medicine, and natural medicine, landscape. As a naturopathic doctor, I too am subject to a tremendous amount of health marketing, and my 18 plus years of clinical experience; my training in the scientific method; and my desire above all else to help my patients get and feel better, with a minimum of hassle and unnecessary effort, all assist me in “separating the wheat from the chaff.”  I look past fads to focus on what works.

A Different Kind of Naturopathic Doctor

As a result, my practice is different from that of many holistic practitioners. I don’t recommend expensive “alternative” lab tests, because I know from experience that they don’t provide useful clinical insights. I don’t stock supplements in my office, but will help you find what you need online or in the health food store. I do as much as possible at your initial visit: phone and email follow up for 4-8 weeks are included with that first visit.

I have what I would call a compassionate, scientific approach. I recognize that you are more than than just a biochemical soup, but I also believe in finding natural treatments that stand up to scientific scrutiny.  I believe that compassion and empathy will help you heal, so my approach is highly humanistic rather than technical. I believe that mind and body are inseparable, and that both play an essential role in your health and healing.

The rest of this site should help give you an idea of how I will work with you as a naturopathic doctor, how I can help you, and how I’ve helped others. I really do believe that health is simple, and disease is complex. As a naturopathic doctor, I focus on partnering with you to return you to health, rather than on managing your disease. This means that I strive to make your natural health program simple and easy to follow.  Much of the complexity in regular and natural medicine is, in my opinion, unnecessary, and doesn’t serve your best interest.

I have tremendous enthusiasm and confidence about what holistic medicine and naturopathic healthcare can do for you, because I’ve seen it work so well in thousands of patients. I’m excited to share how effective natural healthcare can be.

I’ve helped people with a wide range of health conditions: chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, auto-immune disease, diabetes and pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, high blood pressure, and digestive disorders, plus many others. I help people enhance their immune systems, discover their food allergies and find an optimal diet, overcome recurrent infections, and find natural approaches to help body and mind, young or old.

Naturopathic Doctor Holistic Medicine Dr. Daniel Heller

This photo is a few years old. Only the dog on my left, Daisy, is still with us.

Many people would like to know a little bit about me personally, so here it is: I am a native Californian, born in San Francisco and having lived most of my life on the west coast. I also lived in New York City for close to ten years, and practiced as a naturopathic physician in Stamford, Connecticut from 1997 to 2008.

I have created a women’s health website, www.pmscomfort.com, dedicated to educating and empowering women as regards PMS and PMDD, and providing holistic natural relief solutions for premenstrual symptoms.

My other interests include anything related to nature, including birding, gardening, keeping cymbidium orchids, and observing the natural world around me. I love to travel in the U.S. and internationally, and enjoy learning about history, and lately, about the genetics revolution and what it reveals about our human ancestry.